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Jett Favre?  Vinnie Testefarvie?  
   10, 2008

Take heart Milwaukee Bucks fans...there's finally a trade that oversadows yours from 33 years ago and goes down now as the worst ever in Wisconsin history.  In 1975, the Milwaukee Bucks traded Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to the Los Angeles Lakers for Elmore Smith, Brian Winters, Dave Meyers and Junior Bridgeman.  For who?  Well, we all know who Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is.  But who are those other dudes?  Jabbar finally retired 14 years later in 1989 with 38,387 points.  How about the other guys?  <cue the crickets>

So what just happend up Highway 41 about 120 miles?  Charlie McCarthy and the Thompson Twins trade Brett Favre out of their division, out of their conference and out of their minds.  From Green Bay to Gotham, football fans are either pulling their hair out or are just giddy with hysteria.  "Let's see...a 3 time MVP, arguably the best quarterback that any team has ever had, one who's started every single game for us over the last 16 years... for a 4th round draft choice....hmmmm...unless of course he doesn't stay with the Jets...then we'll start giving up draft choices to New York?  Sounds like a good gameplan to me."  Who dreamed this deal up?

Pulling every management trick out of the book including the famous "that's not what I wanted to hear" line heard by most "soon to be ex-employees" when anything short of "I quit" is not good enough, the "management" that is currently leasing the most storied franchise in football history dumped the most beloved and prolific player ever to wear the Green and Gold.  With their passion
s matching only the frigid cold of the Ice Bowl, the emotionless automatons who trade football players like football cards, and make a living doing it, excreted Brett Favre...Brett Favre, from the Green Bay Packers with the gleeful thrill that only nerds playing fantasy football at the top of their assorted skill levels would appreciate.

Aaron Rodgers is a brilliant quarterback. It was a coup when the Packers were able to draft him when they did.  The problem is that he's gotten hurt in every game he's played in.  Did I say "every"?  I meant "both".  If he stays healthy he could win the Superbowl.  If he gets hurt again it sure would be nice to have someone who knows all the plays and has taken a few snaps before.  Maybe a guy who even started an NFL game.  Maybe someone with an arm.  Maybe someone worth, ohhhhhhhhh say, a fourth round draft choice.  Don't wanna give up too much for a veteran backup now, do we?  Too bad we can't find someone like that

Thank you Brett for the great years.   I hope that the Thompson Twins know what they're doing.  And now Aaron's my man.  And I don't mean HankHe was a pretty good pro athlete who left Wisconsin, too.  That's another heart breaking story....

..."It was overcast...The Braves had just been purchased by some nobody down south in Atlanta of all places...A nobody that nobody took seriously...They're the Milwaukee Braves for crying out loud...why would they leave and go to Atlanta?  Jeesh...."  Say good-bye to Hank Aaron, Warren Spann, Joe Torre...Georgia sucks, anyway.  No wonder Russia's bombing them now.  The Milwaukee Braves are still the only major league team who played more than one season and never had a losing record.  Attendance was always great until they announced the move to Atlanta.  Hey...Atlanta had a larger television market.  Screw Milwaukee.  New York has a pretty big TV market, too.  Now they have the best QB ever.  Hey...the NFL...that same NFL who blacked out all the home games to Green Bay residents during the 1960s is going to be cramming the Jets games down their throats.  How great is that?  Gosh.  Thanks.  Thanks, Commissioner for straightening this thing out between our Green Bay Packers and our quarterback, Brett Favre.

One last thing...for weeks we heard New York based sports "reporters" begin their sportscasts with..."And now, as if you're not sick of hearing about the latest in the Brett Favre saga already..."   Now it's:
  "Oh my gosh!  Isn't this exciting?  Favre is coming to New York?  Look...Favre is out on the field throwing passes!  Look..he has  a Jets shirt on...  Favre is so charismatic, isn't he?"
Funny. How does life exhist outside of the center of the universe, New York, New York...
"Now the Favre story is involves ME!"    Pathetic.   

Move-on.DOT.pack...Kareem Abdul-Jabbar moved on.  The Milwaukee Braves moved on.  Now Brett Favre moved on so that the Packers guessed it...move on.  At least the franchise can't move on to another city (at least without a financial windfall to the DePere Elks Club or whatever the deal is).  Although...the shareholders better make sure that this current gang didn't slip something by in the last meeting. 

Here's another term:  "Franchise Player".  Don't get me started on that.  OK...stop me now...The End.  Finis.  Adios.  Or as they say in Menasha, "Chow". are some articles on what went any of the headlines below for the full stories...

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Favre best play...Monday Night Overtime vs Broncos..Sudden Death:


Favre with a mic on...

           With Cameran Diaz, Matt Dillon and Ben Stiller in "There's Something About Mary" (7 minutes, 42 seconds into video)


                                 Monday morning quaterbacking for Mastercard...


Small town Green Bay trick-or-treating...wives and kids...stopping by Mike Holmgren's house with Don Beebe (wearing Favre's jersey) and Frank Winters...Favre's wearing jersey #82 (Beebe's jersey)...Holmgren didn't recognize them with their kids and masks on....and he was out of the kids ask for money...


Favre's first game...replacing Majkowski and upsetting the Bangles with Boomer Esiasan


Favre's interview with OJ Simpson & Buddy Ryan after the game...


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